Business Professionals Define their Own Road with OYAMA

Bicycling has evolved into a highly personal experience. From the clothes you wear and protective eyewear, to your helmet, safety pads, and even the bike you ride, an abundance of options and styles abound sure to match even the most unique of personalities, styles, and preferences.

Frustrated by busy and congested commutes to and from work and/or looking to add a bit more activity to their otherwise sedentary lifestyles, more and more business professionals are turning to OYAMA’s folding bikes as a way to experience the joy and freedom of cycling to work and back home again.

Our folding bikes fold up for easy stowage next to your desk or in an office closet, so they’re not only compact enough to go wherever you go, they also offer a safe and easy ride with the bigness of a conventional bike combined with the ingenuity and convenience of a simple but brilliant machine.

Give the Gift of OYAMA

Are you a business professional who yearns to discover what owning and riding an OYAMA bike could do for your body, mind, and spirit—or do you have such a business professional in your life?

Lightweight, compact, and effortlessly convenient, OYAMA bikes look great on the road, on the train or bus, in the café, at home, at school, and especially in the office. They’re not only great for personal use, but for gift-giving too.

With roots in Japan and more than 50 years of mechanical and design expertise, OYAMA builds 200+ varieties of practical, functional, and innovative folding bikes for active mobile cyclists who want to define their own paths.

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