With an OYAMA folding electric bicycle, your day of outdoor enjoyment doesn’t have to end the minute your morning hike or mountain biking adventure is over.

We know how much of a downer it is to slide behind the wheel of your car or pick-up and close the door after you’ve just spent the entire morning hiking or biking in nature. Suddenly, you feel cut off from the sights and sounds and smells of the natural world. Gone is the warmth of the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, and the unencumbered views of the rushing rivers, vaulted mountains, rolling ocean waves, towering virgin forests, or whatever other scenic delight you’ve been experiencing—replaced by a dusty windshield, your rear-view mirror, and various dashboard gauges. Sure, your muscles might be a little achy, but the last thing you want to do is return to the highways, to traffic, and the hustle and bustle of modern living.

OYAMA folding ebikes offer the perfect solution for extending your glorious day immersed in nature. You can leave your car or truck parked at the trailhead and continue exploring free of the hassles of traffic and congestion—and with an OYAMA ebike (such as the OYAMA CX E8D and CX E8D Version II), your tired legs will get an all-important pedal assist for that extra mile and/or for going up hills.

Little Cottonwood Canyon

If you’re looking for a place to experience some of the United States’ finest scenery without having to venture too far afield, Little Cottonwood Canyon, just 30-minutes from Salt Lake City, Utah, is an excellent choice for day trips. Known as the spot where Mormon settlers quarried granite slabs to build the Salt Lake City Temple, it’s also one of the most beautiful natural settings for year-round activities you’ll find . . . anywhere.

Little Cottonwood Canyon features wilderness areas, steep canyon vistas, and two ski and summer resorts. With bountiful annual snows, the area provides world-class skiing in the winter and numerous rock climbing, camping, picnicking, mountain biking, and hiking opportunities in the summer.

By car, the 7-mile scenic byway from the Salt Lake Valley through Little Cottonwood Canyon to Alta and back requires just over an one hour to complete. But where’s the fun in that? Stop and smell the roses. Take a hike, take your bike, check things out—you’ll be glad you did.

Road Biking

Some avid cyclists conquer the canyon by bike, but it’s not for the beginner. The climb through the canyon ascends more than 2,500 vertical feet over approximately 7 miles, and don’t let the average grade of 7.5% fool you. It may have “little” in its name, but the climb is steep and challenging in places. Luckily, as you make the ascent, you are likely to experience a 20 or more degree drop in temperatures, plus the road has broad shoulders in many areas, affording ample places to rest and enjoy the views.

For those not up to taking on the challenge of such a steep ascent (that’s probably most of us), consider bringing your OYAMA ebike along in the trunk or truck bed. That way you can let your car or truck to do the tough climbing, while you deploy your ebike to explore some of the more interesting parts of the canyon without overexerting yourself.

Mountain Biking

There are dozens of mountain biking trails located throughout Little Cottonwood Canyon and managed by the Alta Ski Resort and the Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort (more on these two resorts below). Trails range from beginner to moderate to expert.

  • Creek Road Trail: Essentially, this beginner trail consists of a dirt road at the base of the Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort that connects to many other area trails. It’s about 1.3 miles along and provides access to the Gad Valley Summer Road, Miner’s Road, and Dick Bass Highway, which provide access to higher trails.
  • Mid-WayTrail: This moderate difficulty trail features a 1.2-mile descent winding through pines, with several switchbacks over the first 0.5 miles. It then levels out and ends at Creek Road.
  • Baby Thunder Trail: This trail for more advanced mountain bikers features a 1.7-mile, steady descent that winds through pines for the first 0.7 miles. It then descends in a series of switchbacks to meet the Gad Valley Summer Road and leads into Dean’s Delight.

  • Alta Ski Resort has an 80-year history, dating back to the 1930s when local businesspeople rescued it from long-time mining operations and founded the resort. From its humble beginnings, Alta has grown to become a much sought-after destination for skiing purists because Alta does NOT allow other types of winter recreation, such as snowboarding. It’s also known for its breathtaking scenery and diverse terrain, and for offering lift-served hiking in the non-winter months. Hikers and visitors can enjoy live music, locally sourced food, espresso, craft beer, and lots of lots of wildflowers during Alta’s summer season.
  • Founded in the winter of 1971, Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort boasts an average of 500 inches of snow a year, making for some of the best skiing Utah (and the United States) has to offer. For summer outdoor enthusiasts, the resort offers a wide range of activities for children and adults of all ages, ranging from rock climbing walls, a mountain coaster, tree climbs, summer tubing, an alpine slide, kids activities, hiking, mountain biking, and many other summer activities. It also features music, dining, shopping, lodging, meeting and conference space, and a spa.
Make Your Experience More Enjoyable with OYAMA

You can make more of your outdoor adventures by taking along your OYAMA folding ebike so you can explore more of your natural surroundings once you’re off the trail. OYAMA ebikes fold up small enough to go wherever you go, are big enough to offer a safe and comfortable ride, and all models come with a set of rear racks, so you can bring some gear along too.

With more than 50 years of mechanical and design expertise, OYAMA Bikes builds 200+ varieties of practical, functional, and innovative folding bikes for active mobile cyclists. Known for their amazing ride quality and functionality, OYAMA bikes offer quality, utility, comfort, and style and are distributed in the United States by Foldaway Solutions of Covina, CA.

Check an OYAMA bike out today . . . and let your dreams unfold.