When something’s in our own backyard, we tend to overlook it and take it for granted. While it seems impossible for those of us who, for example, don’t look out at Niagara Falls every day to think that such a view could ever be commonplace, it does happen. Ditto to folks who live and work by the ocean day in and day out—it becomes routine and commonplace after a while. I’ve even been told that citizens of Rome, much to the shock of wide-eyed tourists, barely stop to acknowledge when their commuter train is passing by the Coliseum—yes, that Coliseum, or the Forum, or virtually any landmark in the ancient city. “Ho-hum.” What to some is essentially a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view a world treasure, is nothing more than the daily backdrop to the lives of others.

That’s too bad. At OYAMA, we wager there’s an abundance or really cool stuff right in your own backyard for you to seek out, explore, and enjoy—if only you took the time. What’s holding you back?

Perhaps it’s . . .

  • The aggravation of getting to the venue, what with traffic and all in today’s big cities (and even in some of the little ones!).
  • Because, once you do get there, you have to hunt for and pay for parking. What a hassle. It almost makes going not worth it . . . so you don’t go.



Go Exploring with OYAMA

Easy to fold, transport, and unfold and GO, an OYAMA folding bike or eBike can go practically anywhere you can, whether that’s from home to the office and back, the shopping mall, on a commuter train or bus, or (best yet) on a mini adventure to explore your community or go on vacation (OYAMA folders fit easily in most car trunks or pickup beds).

OYAMA folding bikes are:

  • Ideal for anyone who wants to leave his or her vehicle parked back at the house and explore their surroundings free of the hassles of traffic snarls and finding and paying for parking.
  • The perfect micro mobility solution for when you’ve had enough of the car and simply want to go into town (or out of it) and experience all those places you normally would not go if you first had to park and then walk.

Experience Your Town or City from a New Perspective

To get the most out of what your community has to offer, sometimes you need to switch things up and take a look at your surroundings as though you were a visitor. From this new perspective, what would you see?

  • If you were righting a recommendation, what restaurants stand out? What would you recommend? Go there, savor the experience and the cuisine..
  • Do you have a local beach? If it’s on the ocean, have you considered that 16 states in the USA are landlocked? Imagine you are a visitor to your beach and you’ve never seen the tides come and go, or the sheer vastness of the open sea. Does that change your blasé attitude to the ocean that’s in your own backyard?
  • Are there hiking trails or summits in your area? Did you know that 13 states do not have a mountain that’s 2,000 feet above their surrounding areas? How might it be to live in a mostly flat place, meaning those scenic panoramas you’re so used to simply don’t exist for some? Think back to when you were a kid and you first looked out from such great heights. You can capture that feeling again; you just need to do it through the eyes of a visitor.
  • Does your town or city have a thriving downtown? What’s it known for—shopping, galleries, antiques, gastropubs, breweries, all of the above? Not every city or town has a flourishing downtown district. If yours does, consider yourself lucky, and don’t miss out on all it has to offer.
  • What historical events happened in your town (c’mon every town has them)? It might be fun and enlightening to see what happened and when and what impact it had on your community, your State, and this country.



Form, Function, and FUN!

With an OYAMA folding bike, it’s easy to explore your community:

  • OYAMA folding bikes are compact enough to go wherever you go and big enough to offer a safe and easy ride as they open up your world to exploration beyond the typical confines of your automobile. With an OYAMA you can feel the wind through your hair and the sun on your face.
  • OYAMA bikes fold up small. They’re easy to bring into a restaurant, shop, hotel room, tent site, or even on the bus or train. They get you from the curb onto the road (and then back again) in just a few minutes.
  • Some models are electric (like the OYAMA CX E8D and CX E8D Version II)—giving you an all-important pedal assist for that extra mile and up hills . . . and you won’t have to break the bank to get one. Many OYAMA models cost about the same as a decent quality full-sized commuter bike (check out the OYAMA Skyline 1, Skyline 7, and LX7).
  • OYAMA folding bikes also include fenders, kickstands, and courtesy bells (perfect for alerting others when in busy, tight space), plus rear racks for when you need a convenient way to transport some of your “stuff” while you’re on the move.

Stop and Smell the Roses

Your next, best trip doesn’t have to be to some far away exotic place. Take a step back and look at your surroundings. Viewing your city or town anew through the eyes of a tourist or visitor, you are sure to find something that excites the senses and re-kindles your sense of adventure.

Now go for it, atop your OYAMA . . . and let your dreams unfold.