If you’ve visited and big U.S. city lately—or virtually any city, for that matter—you’ve no doubt encountered traffic, and lots of it. It’s slow, congested, painful to endure, and most of all frustrating. You’ve got places to be and things to do, such as work, shopping, grabbing a bite to eat, or catching the latest flick at the local cinema. Traffic snarls can turn what should be a quick 5 mile, 15-minute commute into a blood-pressure-boosting marathon.

What’s a commuter to do?

YOU’RE NOT ALONE (and you know it!)

A few years back, Segways were going to be the ultimate solution to congested traffic and moving people in big cities. That hasn’t happened yet—no doubt a product of high price points plus sidewalks and roadways not yet conducive to accommodating Segways, automobiles, and pedestrians. Instead U.S. commuters have been turning to ride sharing services, public transit, motorized scooters, and bicycles to solve mounting transportation and commuting problems.

While rent-a-bike services such as City Bike, Metro Bike Share, and Discover Bike have gained some traction, their primary focus is on tourists and visitors who are looking for an alternatives to taxis and ride shares for navigating and touring a big city, with little thought to what happens after they arrive at their destination.


For those commuters who live and work in or near a big city, bicycles still provide a worthwhile solution, but not without their own unique challenges. First and foremost is the end-all, be-all obstacle of bicycle commuting: “What do I do with my bike once I get to where I’m going?”

With most traditional bikes standing 24 to 27 inches tall, they’re heavy, bulky, and tough to stow. Sure, there are bike racks here and there, but you can’t really count on them being in a particular place, and if you do find a rack, chances are it will be full or in a state of disrepair. Worse yet, while you can probably find a place to lock your bike up, there’s no guarantee it will be there (or still be in one piece) when you return to it.


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What if you could ride your bike and then take it with you to the office, classroom, shopping mall, or even on a commuter train or bus? With an OYAMA bike, you can. We have been at the forefront of the folding bike movement for decades, engineering hundreds of folding bikes plus our own line of folders.

  • Folding bikes are light, usually around 25 pounds.
  • They fold up small, usually about the size of a large duffel bag, which means they’re easy to bring to the office, classroom, restaurant, or even on the bus or train.
  • Easy to fold, they’re also easy to set-up, getting you from the curb and back on the road in minimal time,usually just a few minutes.
  • They ride big, meaning that while they optimize portability, these are not “tiny” bikes that make riders hard-to-see. They’re engineered to be super maneuverable, handling well in traffic. Plus, while they’re purposeis mainly utilitarian—getting you to and from places, and then allowing you to stow them with ease while you tend to business—OYAMA folding bikes are also comfortable and stylish.
  • OYAMA bikes don’t skimp on things such as rear racks, fenders, kickstands, and even bells (important for alerting others to your presence in busy, tight spaces). Just because it folds, doesn’t mean you have to give up the features of a full-size bike. Racks are great for students, business commuters, and shoppers—giving you someplace to store your gear while you move.
  • Some models are electric (like the Oyama CX E8D or CX E8D Version II)—giving you an all-important pedal assist for that extra mile, which is especially beneficial if your commute is a lengthy one.
  • You won’t have to break the bank to get one. Many OYAMA models cost about the same as a decent quality full-size commuter bike (check out the Oyama Skyline 1 & Skyline 7).

If you’re frustrated by busy and congested commutes to and from work, an OYAMA folding bikes offers peace of mind, freedom, and independence. They’re not only compact enough to go wherever you go, stowing next to your desk or in an office closet, they also offer a safe and easy ride with the bigness of a conventional bike combined with the ingenuity and convenience of a simple but brilliant machine.

Check OYAMA out today . . . and let your dreams unfold.