Do you like to mountain bike? If so, you might want to consider how a folding bike from OYAMA might fit into your mountain biking plans. More than just a stowage and mobility solution for busy commuters and students, folding bikes are the perfect take-along companion for your weekend getaway to the mountains, whether your headed to tackle some of the rugged terrain of Utah, the ridge tops around the Lake Tahoe Basin, or something a bit more coastal.

Curious? Read on.


Following a hard day of riding the trails, who wants to use a traditional long travel mountain bike to get around the town or the resort where you’re staying? And after spending the whole day immersed in nature, who wants to get closed in to the stuffy confines of a car or pick-up when there’s still plenty of hours left to enjoy the day or evening?

With a folding bike from OYAMA, you can leave your car or truck and your mountain bike behind, parked back at the hotel, condo, or campground while you set out to explore your temporary home away from home. And folding e-bikes (the “e” stands for electronic, like the OYAMA CX E8D and CX E8D Version II) are especially beneficial as they give you the pedal assist you need to fight the fatigue of climbing more hills or spanning that extra mile or so to your favorite eatery or watering hole.


OYAMA folders are compact utility bikes. They are lightweight and fit easily in the bed of a pick-up or even the trunk of a car. They’re also easy to store when folded in your hotel room, condo, camper, or even your tent; and you can easily bring them into a restaurant or shop.

OYAMA folders are easy to set-up, getting you from the curb onto the road, and break down—usually taking just a few minutes.

Many OYAMA models are available at great price points too, about the same as a decent quality full-sized commuter bike (check out the OYAMA Skyline 1, Skyline 7, and LX7), providing great utility with the quality, style, and comfort you come to expect from much bigger bikes.


When you go mountain biking, you expect it to be hard work. It’s what you want and it’s the price in sweat equity you’re willing to pay to be able to see some extraordinary scenery and experience some of nature’s more tranquil moments absent the hustle and bustle of motorized vehicles. What you don’t want to work hard at is relaxing after a hard day on the trails, while also staying connected to that sense of tranquility and oneness with the great outdoors.

With an OYAMA folder, your glorious day of biking doesn’t have to end when you come down off the mountain or exit the trails. Not only will your folder allow you to avoid traffic and eliminate the hassle of finding parking, they extend the sense of fun of discovery and exploration that only biking can offer.

Who knows, you might even find that you begin to use your folder more often back at home to explore your own neighborhood, seeing it with a different set of eyes and a new sensibility from the seat of your OYAMA bike.

Check out an OYAMA folding bike today . . . and let your dreams unfold.