More than just a gateway to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Arizona is one of the nation’s top vacation destinations. If you like breathtaking mountain views, awe-inspiring canyons and unique rock formations, serene desert settings, and fine dining and wine tours, Sedona has jeep tours, hiking trails, mountain biking trails, as well as tours of its famous craft and heritage villages, restaurants, and wineries galore.

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Sedona Highlights


Sedona is known for its fine mountain bike trails, ranging from introductory to expert trails, and everything in-between. There’s literally a trail for everyone and every skill level, including dusty single-tracks, twists and turns, and rollercoaster ups and downs over various terrains.

According to the, one of the top rides for beginners that offers a “combination of scenery, genuine (but not scary) single-track, and lots of bail out options” is the Intro to Sedona trail which runs for more than 5 miles from Bell Rock Vista to the Big Park Loop, the Llama Trail, the Baby Bell Trail, the Bell Rock Trail, and the Phone Trail car. A combination of scenery, genuine (but not scary) single-track, and lots of bail out options make this a good option for beginning riders to experience great mountain biking.

Another top trail for beginners and intermediate riders is the Aerie Loop, which climbs more than 500 feet over it’s more than 5-milie course. MBTProject describes this trail as a “link up of some newer and older trails in the Dry Creek area. It is a pretty short, quick loop which makes it nice if you have limited time.”


Sedona offers some of the clearest skies and unobstructed views in the country, with little light pollution and clear skies more than 300 days per year (on average). Imagine trekking out to the dessert or pulling off to the side of the road to gaze up and contemplate the stars overhead. And if you’re more into organized tours, with high powered telescope trained on planets and constellations, check out, named by Trip Advisor and AAA as one of the “Top 10 Things to Do” in Sedona.


There’s no shortage of hiking in Sedona, from canyon trials, desert pilgrimages, to hiking up mountains and ridges. Two top destinations, according to, include:

  • Slide Rock State Park in Oak Creek Canyon, where you can explore what many consider the Grand Canyon’s smaller cousin. This free attraction offers magnificent views of the canyon, numerous swimming holes, hiking trails, and great photo ops.
  • The Devil’s Bridge Trail is a popular hike that’s suitable for casual hikers. Its claim to fame is the “Devil’s Bridge,” the largest natural sandstone arch in the Sedona area.

Sedona isn’t all about the great outdoors (though pretty much any venue in Sedona offers great scenery). Two top spots for shopping and dining in Sedona include:

  • The famous Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village is known for its shopping and the beauty of its spot beneath the sycamores on the banks of Oak Creek in Sedona. Modeled after a traditional Mexican village, with vine-covered stucco and cobble-stones, it features more than 40 shops and galleries.
  • Some of the best wineries in Arizona are in and around Sedona. Wine tours are a great way to get to know some of the history of the area as well as sample some of its wines, microbrews (beers), and raw chocolate.

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