What Father’s Day gift do you give a Dad who seemingly has everything? Consider giving him the gift of an OYAMA folding electric bike this year.

The Right Gift for Your Dad

Easy to fold, transport, and unfold and GO, an OYAMA folding eBike can go practically anywhere your Dad can, whether that’s from home to the office and back, the shopping mall, on a commuter train or bus, or even on vacation (OYAMA folders fit easily in most car trunks or pickup beds so your Dad won’t need a bike rack).

Folding eBikes are:

  • Ideal for commuters, giving them an all-important pedal assist into (or out) of the city for that extra mile, which is especially beneficial for commutes that are lengthy or hilly.
  • Ideal for vacationing a Dad who wants to leave his vehicle parked back at the hotel, condo, or campground and explore his vacation spot free of the hassles of traffic snarls and finding and paying for parking.
  • The perfect micro mobility solution for Dads with a desire to experience the freedom of biking in and around their communities knowing that an electronic pedal assist is never far away but the hassles of traffic and parking are.

Engineered for Safety, Function, and Comfort

OYAMA eBikes are refined and highly engineered to provide smooth, comfortable rides, and just because they’re small, doesn’t mean your Dad has to sacrifice safety or function.

  • OYAMA folding bicycles may be optimized for portability, but they ride big. These are not tiny bikes that are difficult or uncomfortable to ride, or that make riders hard-to-see.
  • In addition to their comfort and style, OYAMA folders are engineered for maneuverability and to handle well in traffic.
  • OYAMA folding bikes also include fenders, kickstands, and courtesy bells (perfect for alerting others when in busy, tight space), plus rear racks for Dads who need a convenient way to transport some of their “stuff” while they’re on the move.

Get A Pedal Assist

OYAMA offers two electronic folding bicycles, the  OYAMA CX E8D and the OYAMA CX E8D Series II.  These eBike folders offer all the function, utility and convenience of other OYAMA folding bicycles plus an electronic pedal assist, which is especially beneficial if your Dad’s biking adventures are lengthy or hilly or it’s been a long day and he just wants to cruise around the neighborhood or the resort town he’s visiting.

Let Your Dreams Unfold

OYAMA invites you to check out some of the ways a folder can help your Dad’s travel dreams unfold. With more than 50 years of mechanical and design expertise, OYAMA Bikes builds 200+ varieties of practical, functional, and innovative folding bikes for active mobile cyclists. Known for their amazing ride quality and functionality, OYAMA bikes offer quality, utility, comfort, and style and are distributed in the United States by Foldaway Solutions of Covina, CA.

Check an OYAMA bike out today.