Designed, tested, and manufactured in-house, OYAMA bikes are known around the world for their amazing ride quality and utility. Long available only overseas, these innovative folding bicycles are now distributed in the United States by Foldaway Solutions of Covina, CA. Foldaway recently announced that Electric Cyclery of Laguna Beach has the distinction of being named OYAMA’s first premier retail shop in the USA.

“What we’re seeing are more and more biking enthusiasts, from suppliers to consumers, wanting to jump on the OYAMA band wagon here in the States,” says Ken Fagut, CEO/ President, of Foldaway. “For more than 50 years, OYAMA folding bicycles have been sold around the globe. With roots in Japan, OYAMA builds practical, functional, and innovative folding bikes, including electric models.”

OYAMA folders are bikes that happen to fold, which means that while they are compact enough to go practically anywhere you do, they’re engineered for maneuverability, handle well in traffic, and offer comfortable, stylish rides.


Founded in 2002 as one of the first electric bike shops in the country and the first of its kind in California,Electric Cyclery prides itself for being on the cutting edge of the latest eBike developments and advancements. They carefully select every bike, component, and accessory so that their online customers or those who visit their Laguna Beach store know they’re getting top quality.

“We’re on a mission to change the way people get around,” states the Electric Cyclery website. “Electric bikes will continue to be the most exciting, environmentally sound transportation alternative. There’s a big beautiful world out there to explore.”


Compact and easy to breakdown, tote, and reassemble, folding bicycles can practically go anywhere you can, from home to the office, classroom, shopping mall, or even on a commuter train or bus . . . and back. They’re ideal for commuters in busy cities, students and faculty on sprawling college campuses, and shoppers/vacationers who want to explore their surroundings while they avoid the hassles of traffic snarls and hunting (and paying) for parking.

All OYAMA folding bikes include rear racks, fenders, kickstands, and handlebar-mounted courtesy bells—important for alerting others when you’re in busy, tight spaces—plus racks give students, business commuters, and shoppers a convenient way transport gear while they’re on the move.


At Electric Cyclery’s Laguna Beach location (about an hour south of Los Angeles and about an hour or so north of San Diego), cyclists can try out their favorite models before making a purchase decision. The challenging terrain of nearby Wave St. Hill provides potential buyers a unique opportunity to compare the performance of several electric bike models (including The OYAMA CX E8D and the OYAMA CX E8D Series II folding eBikes)—plus the showroom is only a couple of blocks away from some of the cleanest and prettiest beaches in Southern California.


Electric Cyclery also makes it easy to accessorize your ride with a massive selection of bicycle lockslightsracksbasketshelmets, and safety gear.


Check out an OYAMA folding bike today by calling or visiting Electric Cyclery . . . and let your dreams unfold.

Electric Cyclery, 900 North Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
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