OYAMA bikes go practically anywhere you can, and they make it easier for you to get there. OYAMA folding bikes fold up small enough to take into a restaurant, shop, mall, hotel room, tent site, office, classroom, or even on the bus or train with you, yet they’re big enough to offer a safe and comfortable ride.

Go to Work

Folding bikes are ideal for commuters in busy cities (and even not-so-busy cities). Because folding bikes are compact, there are small enough to bring into the office or even on the bus or train as you make your way to work.

Easy to fold, they’re also easy to unfold and GO, meaning they’ll get you from the curb and back on the road in minimal time (or vice versa), usually in just a few minutes. Imagine leaving much of the city’s traffic, congestion, and parking hassles behind each morning and evening!

Go to School

Parking on most campuses is hard to find and difficult to maneuver. With an OYAMA folder, students can bike from their dorms or off-campus apartments right to their classrooms—and once they get there they don’t have to wonder “What do I do with my bike now that I’m here?” Sure, they can lock their OYAMA up on a campus bike rack, but with a folder, they can actually take it right into the classroom with them!

Explore Your Vacation Getaway

With an OYAMA folder, exploring your vacation getaway doesn’t have to take place from behind the wheel of an automobile. Instead, bring your OYAMA along on your trip (OYAMA folders fit easily in most car trunks, SUVs, or pickup beds) and extend your time outdoors enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of your surroundings. Just leave your vehicle parked back at the hotel, condo, resort, or campground and take a bike ride into the local village. Enjoy some local shopping and flavors or find a beachside or hilltop biking trail where you can experience breathtaking scenery from the seat of your OYAMA rather than from behind the wheel of your car.

Explore Your Neighborhood

From atop your OYAMA folder, you can explore your community through different eyes and from a different vantage point. Do so and you’re sure to find some hidden nuggets along streets and neighborhoods you though were all too familiar. Enjoy a neighborhood restaurant, café, or diner, or visit the local downtown you’ve been avoiding because you didn’t want to have to find and pay for parking. OYAMA bikes fold up small, so you can take them into a restaurant, shop, or practically anywhere you want to explore.

Packed with Features for People on the Move
  • All OYAMA folding bikes include rear racks, fenders, kickstands, and handlebar-mounted courtesy bells (which are important for alerting others when you’re in busy, tight spaces), plus the racks provide a convenient way to transport items to and from the office while you’re on the move.
  • OYAMA offers two ebike models, the CX E8D and the CX E8D Series II. These folders offer all the function, utility, and convenience of other OYAMA folding models plus an electronic pedal assist for that extra mile, which is especially beneficial if your biking adventures are lengthy or hilly, or it’s been a long day and you just want to commute home from work or tool around your neighborhood.
  • And you won’t have to break the bank to get an OYAMA. Many models cost about the same as a decent quality full-sized commuter bike (check out the OYAMA Skyline 1, Skyline 7, and LX7).
Let Your Dreams Unfold

So where will your OYAMA folding bicycle take you? Practically anywhere you can imagine.

With more than 50 years of mechanical and design expertise, OYAMA Bikes builds 200+ varieties of practical, functional, and innovative folding bikes for active mobile cyclists. Known for their amazing ride quality and functionality, OYAMA bikes offer quality, utility, comfort, and style and are distributed in the United States by Foldaway Solutions of Covina, CA.