Why Choose Oyama?

  • 50 years of Designing, Manufacturing and Innovation
  • Amazing ride quality, it’s a bike, it happens to fold!
  • Value and Quality that are unrivaled


The closer you look…

  • In-house design, testing and manufacturing
  • No welds on the handlebar upright, just one piece, CNC machined
  • Hand-built wheels ensure quality and a long lasting ride
  • Safety designed with every hinge designed with safety double latch
What is OYAMA?
With roots in Japan and more than 50 years of mechanical and design expertise, OYAMA Bikes builds 200+ varieties of practical, functional, and innovative folding bikes for active mobile cyclists who want to define their own paths. Known for their amazing ride quality and sold around the world, OYAMA folders are bikes that happen to fold. Designed, tested, and manufactured in-house, OYAMA bikes offer quality and utility are distributed in the United States by Foldaway Solutions of Covina, CA.
What is a folding bicycle?
As the name suggests, folding bicycles fold. Folding bikes are light, usually around 25 pounds, and they fold up small, usually about the size of a large duffel bag. Easy to fold, they’re also easy to set-up, getting riders from the curb and back on the road in minimal time, usually just a few minutes. While they’re small, OYAMA folding bicycles ride big, meaning that while they optimize portability, these are not “tiny” bikes that make riders hard-to-see. They’re engineered for maneuverability, handling well in traffic. Plus, while they’re purpose is mainly utilitarian—getting you to and from places, and then allowing you to stow them with ease while you tend to business—OYAMA folding bikes are also comfortable and stylish.
Why would I want a folding bicycle?
Lightweight and easy to breakdown, tote, and re-assemble, OYAMA folding bicycles can practically go anywhere you can, from home to the office, classroom, shopping mall, or even on a commuter train or bus . . . and back. They’re ideal for commuters in busy cities and college campuses who want to avoid the hassles of traffic snarls and hunting (and paying) for parking.

OYAMA folding bikes include rear racks, fenders, kickstands, and handlebar-mounted courtesy bells—important for alerting others when you’re in busy, tight spaces—plus racks give students, business commuters, and shoppers a convenient way store gear while they’re on the move.

Where can I take my folding bicycle?
OYAMA folding bicycles are lightweight and they fold up small, usually about the size of a large duffel bag, which means they’re easy to bring to the office, classroom, restaurant, shop, apartment, dorm, or even on the bus or train. You can even take it with you on vacation or a weekend getaway to ride around town and explore the sights, while others fight traffic snarls and hunt(and pay) for parking.
Are electric models available?

OYAMA offers two electronic folding bicycles, the OYAMA CX E8D and the OYAMA CX E8D Series II. Known as eBikes, these folders offer all the function, utility and convenience of other OYAMA folding bicycles plus an electronic pedal assist for that extra mile, which is especially beneficial if your biking adventures are lengthy or hilly. Please NOTE- While we make a robust eBike, it is not designed for commercial use and will carry no warranty

Where can I buy an OYAMA bicycle?
OYAMA folding bicycles are sold around the world. In the United States, they are distributed by Foldaway Solutions of Covina, CA. You can buy an OYAMA bicycle online or visit our dealer locator page to find a dealer near you.